A small unknown paradise in Kunouria of Arcadia – just 7 kilometers away from Leonidion and a few meters from the nearby village Poulithra – is waiting for you to discover it and to explore it. Its existence reminds to all of us how beautiful Mother Nature and Greece are. When God made this part of the world he had indeed great inspiration! This place gives the opportunity to all of us to see such breathtaking pictures – pieces of art: a magical shingly beach with crystal clear – water and a view of Spetses and Spetsopoula islands, and Parnonas Mountain protects this beauty, almost embracing it, since part of the mountain ends into the sea.

The picture completes discreetly the little white chapel of Agios Georgios (Saint George), situated on the lower part of the mountain. Someone could wonder if Saint George and Parnonas Mountain are both responsible for the protection of this blessed Arcadian paradise!