… that we never forget because it is in our hearts and this is the reason we will always seeking. We will always long to meet somewhere such “corners”, places – that thank God – they still exist in our homeland. Places where people still preserve the Greek tradition.

Peleta is such a place, that’s why a journey to this rural village (660 meters) in Parnonas mountain – with maple, walnut and old proud oak trees – is a journey to Greece of old times, a journey in Greece that still resists, and remains faithful in its identity.

In stone houses of Peleta, the visitor can distinguish the hard work but also the artistic feeling of the craftsmen of old times. Back then the human hand, the human labor had its value, during that time the machine hadn’t replaced the labor task. The craftsmen were spending days and nights – once under the burning sun, other times in freezing cold winter – in order to create those stone houses the with their proud and familiar beauty. In every stone house of the village, if you look carefully, you can distinguish the “signature” of its creator.

This is the reason that the inhabitants have not intervened, but they preserve in excellent condition the stone houses of the village, since they respect the tradition but also the hard work of the craftsmen of old times.